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1307 - Managing District Finances

Managing District Finances

An easy-to-use- guide on district finances. Download manual

Managing Time-Evaluation Resource

This evaluation resource is for the “Managing Time” project. Use it in your club to evaluate a member completing this project. You can download and complete the resource on your device, or print and complete it by hand. How you choose to complete the evaluation depends on your preference and the preference of the member you are evaluating.

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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Portuguese

Manual de Liderança do Clube (PT1310)

Um guia fácil de usar com capítulos detalhando a governança do clube, cargos de liderança, etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Spanish

Manual de Liderazgo del Club (SP1310)

Una guía fácil de usar con capítulos que detallan la administración del club, los roles de liderazgo, etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail French

Manuel du Leadership de Club (FR1310)

Un guide convivial avec chapitres détaillant la gouvernance du club, les rôles de leadership, etc.



Marshmallow Challenge

This training activity provides a team building opportunity in which participants engage in friendly competition to accomplish their task.
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Master Your Meetings

This handbook provides the information you need to conduct dynamic and effective club meetings.

This version updated 2/2020

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Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (Digital)

Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

Part of The Successful Club Series. Does your club involve everyone at every meeting? Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.
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