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Along every journey, growth awaits you; along the Toastmasters experience, growth is unlocked through education, a vital component of club meetings taking place around the world each day.

Toastmasters’ education programs are designed to help you fine-tune your public speaking, communication, and leadership skills through regular practice. In a safe and supportive club environment, you will learn at your own pace, utilizing a curriculum that has helped millions meet their goals.

Toastmasters' core education program is the Pathways learning experience, offering members 11 specialized learning paths with more than 300 unique competencies. Drawing from Pathways principles, the Speechcraft digital experience is a 4- to 8-week program, created for experienced Toastmasters members to help non-members jump-start their public speaking and communication skills. Learn more about Pathways, Speechcraft, and the Youth Programs through their individual tabs on the menu above.



All of Toastmasters’ education programs are enhanced by the following growth principles:


Experiential learning – You can practice and improve your communication and leadership skills by giving speeches and fulfilling club roles.

Peer feedback – You can grow and nurture your public speaking and communication skills through honest and supportive peer evaluation.

Mentoring – With support from experienced mentors in your club, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible, both personally and professionally.

Self-paced program – Through opportunities to develop skills at your own pace, you can experience long-lasting growth.

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