Develop Your Leaders from Within thumbnail Develop Your Leaders From Within

A brochure designed for promoting Toastmasters to businesses and organizations. The brochure includes information about Toastmasters, notable corporate clubs, testimonials and details on how to sponsor a club.

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Develop Your Vision-Evaluation Resource

This evaluation resource is for the “Develop Your Vision” project. Use it in your club to evaluate a member completing this project. You can download and complete the resource on your device, or print and complete it by hand. How you choose to complete the evaluation depends on your preference and the preference of the member you are evaluating.

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Developing a Mission (Digital) Developing a Mission Part of The Leadership Excellence Series. Addresses how successful leaders create and communicate a mission for their organization. Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.
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Die Vorteile einer Toastmasters-Mitgliedschaft (de-DE354INDV)

Dieses einseitige Dokument umreißt die zahlreichen Vorteile einer Toastmasters-Mitgliedschaft. Drucken Sie diese hilfreiche Ressource aus und verwenden Sie sie, um Freunde, Familien- und Gemeindemitglieder für Ihren Club zu gewinnen. Verfügbar in den Formaten A4 und Briefgröße.

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Digital Centennial Wallpapers

Show off the 100 Years excitement utilizing digital wallpapers/backgrounds for your meetings, desktop, and/or phone.

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Digital Ribbon Zoom Background

Available in Best Speaker, Best Table Topics®, and Best Evaluator, this JPEG file of a digital ribbon background can be sent to the award recipient over the Zoom chat panel. It is available in all 11 languages.

Arabic - العَرَبِيَّة
French - Français 
German - Deutsch
Japanese - 日本語
Korean - 한국어
Portuguese - Português
Simplified Chinese -  简体中文
Spanish - Español
Tamil - தமிழ்
Traditional Chinese -  繁體中文

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Disciplinary Outcome Notification Form (Club-Level)

Form used by club officers to inform World Headquarters within seven days after the disciplinary hearing outcome.

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Distinguished Club Program

A manual which explains the Distinguished Club Program, provides guidelines for club success, and the "how-to" in becoming a Distinguished Club.

This version updated 1/2022

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