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Serving Clubs through Visits

Serving Clubs through Visits: A Guide For Area Directors
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Simplified Chinese Award Applications

These files include:

  1. Competent Communicator
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  3. Advanced Communicator
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  5. Competent Leader
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  7. Advanced Leader / DTM
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Six simple steps

Six Simple Steps for International Officer/Director District Visits

Follow these six simple steps in making an international officer/director visit successful. View form

Spanish Award Application

This application is to apply for the Advanced Leader / DTM award.

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Speaker Agreement

An agreement template explaining all the terms and conditions between a district and a commissioned speaker. Download file
Speaker Introduction Form

Speaker Introduction Form

Fill it out and provide it to your evaluator before the meeting starts.

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Speakers Bureau Brochure

Complete information on establishing and operating a Speakers Bureau.
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Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality

Form for all speech contest participants to certify eligibility and originality. May be used for any speech contest.
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