Special Events Flier Special Event Flier

The Special Event Flier comes in several designs and is customizable. Before your club's next special event, use these fliers to invite friends, family, and members of your community!

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Speech Contest Certificate Set (Digital) Speech Contest Certificate Set

For presentation to the winners and participants of club, area, division, district and regional contests. English Version.


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Speech Contest Flier Speech Contest Flier

Use this flier to promote speech contests. Available in 8.5 x 11, black and white and A4 formats.

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Speech Contest Region Quarterfinals Video Release Form

Video release form allowing participation in region quarterfinals. All contestants in the district International Speech Contestants must complete this form prior to competing.

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Speech Contest Time Record Sheet (Digital) Speech Contest Time Record Sheet and Instructions for Timers Explains the timing procedure and includes a chart for speech contest timers to complete.
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Speech Contest Tutorials

These tutorials offer fundamental principles to help members understand speech contests. This Packet includes:

  • Judges Guide and Ballot
  • Roles
  • When You're the Judge
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Speech Contestant Profile Speech Contestant Profile Form for all speech contest participants to give their biographical information. May be used for any speech contest.
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Speechcraft Content Overview

Overview of the topics and information covered in each Speechcraft project.

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