Charter Membership and Club Officer Information

This Excel spreadsheet can be submitted to World Headquarters in place of Form 3 Charter Membership Application and Form 4 Charter Club Officer Information. Some columns have options built into the dropdowns for club use. Clubs are still required to have a signed charter application on file.

This version updated 09/2023

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Checklist dos Formulários de Oficialização (PTATO)

A “Checklist dos Formulários de Oficialização” indica os formulários necessários para a oficialização de um clube.

Checkliste Gründungsformulare (DEATO)

Die „Checkliste Gründungsformulare“ enthält die notwendigen Formulare für eine Clubgründung.

Cinebody Name and Likeness Agreement

Name and Likeness Agreement in conjunction with Toastmasters International’s use of Cinebody software (Super 6 LLC d/b/a Cinebody)

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Closing the Sale (Digital) Closing the Sale Part of The Successful Club Series. Exercise your powers of persuasion during those moments when a guest is deciding to join. Includes an outline and a PowerPoint presentation.
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