Toastmaster的多重角色 (CT1167D)


675F-Topicsmaster Script and Log Topicsmaster Script and Log

Take note of each speaker’s topic and if they used the Word of the Day.

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Training Club Leaders Training Club Leaders Guide for planning and presenting club officer training.
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Trajetos e Competências Principais (PT8077)

Aprenda mais sobre as cinco competências essenciais no desenvolvimento dos trajetos Pathways.

Transform your talent thumbnail Transform Your Talent flier

Use this to promote Pathways to potential corporate clubs.

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Transform Your Talent flier - Spanish Transforma tu talento (es-MX8001TS)

Utiliza este folleto para promocionar Pathways entre posibles clubes corporativos.

Trayectos y aptitudes centrales (SP8077)

Conoce las cinco competencias básicas utilizadas para desarrollar Pathways.

1313G Treasurer This facilitator guide must be used as the core training of every district’s training presentations for club officers. Download manual