Call for nominations Call for Nominations

Nominations Committee Forms.

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Candidate Application

Use this checklist to determine if a candidate for district office meets the required qualifications as stated in the District Administrative Bylaws.

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Candidate Evaluation Form

Fill out this form to help determine the candidate best suited for a district office position.

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Candidatura ao Reconhecimento (pt-BR8956)

Preencha este formulário para registrar a realização de um reconhecimento Toastmaster Distinguido (DTM).

Centennial District Conference Agenda

Start with this celebratory agenda template when creating your District's 2024 conference lineup.

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Centennial District Conference Flier Template

Ready to promote your 2024 District conference? This is the perfect milestone-year flier backdrop.

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Centennial District Conference Letterhead Template

Use this celebratory letter template for events during your conference or for other correspondence during this milestone year.

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Centennial Email Signature

Sign off with centennial pride every time you send an email.

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