Boilerplate Example

Use the Toastmaster International boilerplate (a short description of the organization) that is usually found at the end of a news release.

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Bonnes pratiques pour concours de discours en ligne (fr-FR479) Retrouver des astuces et informations pour l’organisation logistique de vos concours de discours en ligne. Afficher
1313I Resource_thumb Building a Healthy Team This training teaches club officers the traits of a healthy team, how to identify behavioral styles and how to build trust.
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Building a Social Media Presence-Evaluation Resource

This evaluation resource is for the “Building a Social Media Presence” project. Use it in your club to evaluate a member completing this project. You can download and complete the resource on your device, or print and complete it by hand. How you choose to complete the evaluation depends on your preference and the preference of the member you are evaluating.

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Building a Team (Digital) Building a Team Part of The Leadership Excellence Series. This module reviews how to create and lead a team. Includes a script and a PowerPoint presentation.
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Building on Achievement for Continued Success Building on Achievement for Continued Success This training has club officers reflect on their clubs’ challenges and opportunities for Moments of Truth and their Club Success Plan.
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