Write a Compelling Blog-Evaluation Resource

This evaluation resource is for the “Write a Compelling Blog” project. Use it in your club to evaluate a member completing this project. You can download and complete the resource on your device, or print and complete it by hand. How you choose to complete the evaluation depends on your preference and the preference of the member you are evaluating.

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Confidence. The voice of leadership (digital) Your Path to Leadership

This full-color brochure is an essential marketing material for clubs. It explains how Toastmasters helps improve leadership skills, the benefits of being a member, and outlines the Pathways learning experience.

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Your Speaking Voice Your Speaking Voice Tips for adding strength and authority to your speaking voice.
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Zoom Registration Page Banners and Logo

Use this logo and banner to brand your Zoom registration page. With three banner choices, you can choose the one that best fits your club’s needs!

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Zoom Timer Backgrounds Zoom Stop Light Timer Backgrounds

These Zoom virtual backgrounds feature a green, yellow, or red traffic light. When you are the Timer for an online or hybrid club meeting, switch between these backgrounds to indicate how much time the speaker has remaining!

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Zoom Virtual Background

These backgrounds can be used in Zoom as a background for your club’s online meetings. With multiple design choices and two size options, you can find a background that fits your club’s needs!

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Ανάπτυξε τους Ηγέτες Σου Εκ Των Έσω (el-GR103) Ένα φυλλάδιο σχεδιασμένο για την προώθηση των Toastmasters σε επιχειρήσεις και οργανισμούς. Το φυλλάδιο περιλαμβάνει πληροφορίες σχετικά με τους Toastmasters, για διακεκριμένους εταιρικούς ομίλους, μαρτυρίες και λεπτομέρειες για τον τρόπο ίδρυσης ενός ομίλου. κατεβάζω
Ενότητες Εργασίας Pathways Διαθέσιμες στα Ελληνικ (el-GR925) Αυτό το έγγραφο αναφέρει ποιες ενότητες εργασίας Pathways και ποια paths είναι διαθέσιμα στα Ελληνικά. βλέπω