Online Meetings

A Toastmasters club provides its members with a safe and supportive environment to become better communicators, leaders, and public speakers. For many, their club gives them a sense of belonging. The pandemic opened up the online meeting option for many clubs and members, who are still benefitting from online/hybrid interaction.


A club membership vote needs to take place for a club to allow online attendance. The club members will vote again to remove this option from their Addendum of Standard Club Options. The club may only allow online attendance for as long as their Addendum of Standard Club Options indicates this is in effect for the club.


Need help adapting to online meetings? Use the resources below. Club officers are also encouraged to share their online success stories with other clubs that would benefit.



Toastmasters’ Guide to Successful Online Meetings

It can be a challenge to hold the attention of an online audience! Let Toastmasters show you how to plan and deliver an online meeting that fulfills your goals and meets the needs of attendees in this simple-to-follow guide.

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Online Meetings Infographic

This infographic features helpful tips to feel confident during an online meeting. Share this digital file on your club, District, and/or personal social media channels to help others feel confident in online meetings and to help encourage them to learn more about Toastmasters.

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Online Meeting Tips

Use these tips to ensure a smooth transition to online meetings.

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Online Meeting Tips for Club Officers

Follow these tips to lead successful online meetings.

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Online Club Meeting Software Comparison

Compare free software your club may use for online meetings.

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Online Prospect Flier

Fill-in your online club information and reach out virtually to prospective members with this digital document.

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Online Member Flier

Utilize this invite to increase your online meeting attendance.

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Timer Zoom Backgrounds

When you are the Timer for an online club meeting, switch between these backgrounds to indicate how much time the speaker has remaining!

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Digital Ribbons

Club members can have fun and take pride virtually as the recipient of Best Speaker, Best Table Topics®, and Best Evaluator through these two digital award options.

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Facebook Camera Frame

You can add a Toastmasters frame to a picture on Facebook to proudly display your Best Speaker, Best Evaluator, and Best Table Topics® ribbons.

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Core Values Zoom Backgrounds

Use a background featuring Toastmasters’ Core Values during your online meeting to show your Toastmasters spirit!

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Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Use these branded backgrounds on Zoom for your club's meetings.

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Zoom Registration Page Banners and Logo

Add some color to your club's Zoom page with these banners and logo.

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Best Practices for Online Speech Contests

Find tips and information for the logistics of your contest.

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Video Recording Guidelines for Online Speech Contests

Read information on how to help contestants comply with recording rules.

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Successfully Filling Online Meeting Roles

Meeting roles are at the heart of every Toastmasters meeting. When filling these roles during an online meeting, you may have to make some adjustments. In this video, you will find tips to successfully fill meeting roles during an online meeting.

7 Tips for Attending Online Meetings

As online meetings grow in popularity, there are challenges to adjust to compared to in-person meetings. Find seven tips that will help you become a better attendee at your next online meeting!

Club Officers: Keep Your Club on Track with Online Meetings

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has had a major impact on Toastmasters clubs that meet in person. Club officers should help ensure their club can still meet by transitioning the club to online meetings. In this video, you will find helpful tips for a smooth transition.

Presenting in Today's Virtual World

The online environment is here to stay—learn what's changed and how you can adapt.

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Bring Your Online Meetings to Life

Best practices for virtual hosts.

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Growing the Third Dimension

Techniques to revamp personal connections in online meetings.

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Zoom Fatigue, Be Gone!

Keep online meetings fun by shaking things up.

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Organizing a Successful Online Event

Discover six tips to help make your next virtual conference a victory.

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Disruptive Members or Overzealous Hosts?

How to determine online meeting decorum ahead of time and maintain orderly meetings.

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Prepare Your Technology Like a Pro

Take steps to avoid last-minute mishaps and meltdowns.

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Creating Inclusivity in Online Meetings

Help members of all abilities actively participate in your club.

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Present With Executive Presence Online

Learn how to convey confidence in a virtual setting with these five key elements.

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Virtually Visit Clubs Around the Globe

No need to pack your suitcase. Enjoy your “traveling!”

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Online Speech Contest Tips From a World Champ

2019 winner Aaron Beverly shares his top techniques in a two-part video series.

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Optimize Your Video Conferences

Learn 6 steps to reduce technical glitches and enhance your online meetings.

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It’s Time to Meet Online!

Read tips and tricks to hold a successful online club meeting in this Toastmaster article.

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How to Appear Your Best Online

Consider your setting, appearance, and delivery for an effective online speech.

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Suddenly, Life is a Series of Table Topics®

Read how members are adjusting to a new normal by finding camaraderie online.

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