Hybrid Meetings

A hybrid club meeting combines both in-person and online attendance. During the coronavirus pandemic, many clubs have opted to adopt this meeting format to allow members to continue their Toastmasters journey. Below, you will find resources to support hybrid clubs and their members.


The Wide World of Hybrid Toastmasters

How to choose how much technology your club needs.

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Running a Successful Hybrid Club Meeting

Read tips to running a successful hybrid club meeting.

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To Hybrid or Not to Hybrid? That is the Question

Ask these four questions to determine if hybrid meetings are right for your club.

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Traditional Meeting Roles in a Hybrid World

Do new meeting setups change tried-and-true responsibilities?

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5 Questions to Ask Before Adopting a Hybrid Format

Ask these questions to help assess if your club is ready for a hybrid environment.

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Technology for Hybrid Meetings

Build the bridge between online and physical meetings with the right setup.

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Hybrid Harmony

How to make club meetings work when members are online and in person.

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Prepare Your Technology Like a Pro

Take steps to avoid last-minute mishaps and meltdowns.

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