PRO_Slides_resource_thumb PRO Training Webinar Slides To build on PR efforts to help public relations officers be more successful, this webinar explains the PRO role and provides tips, tools and strategies to help districts reach their target audiences and gain more media exposure.
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1205A Product Order Form image Product Order Form

Fill out this form and submit it to World Headquarters for processing to order products.

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Profil du Nouveau Membre (FR1162F)

Demander que chaque membre remplisse un formulaire d'interview afin de déterminer ses buts et comment les atteindre.

Cette version mise à jour le 11/2019
Progetti Pathways disponibili in italiano (Articolo IT925)

Questo documento indica quali progetti e percorsi Pathways sono disponibili in italiano.

Program Quality Director 30 Day Action Plan Program Quality Director 30-Day Action Plan Template

Use the Program Quality Director 30-Day Action Plan template to create an outline of your strategy for your first month as a district leader. It will help you plan and organize tasks, deadlines, and other resources necessary to your success

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