Clubs with an Online Attendance Option


Toastmasters International clubs are able to incorporate online attendance and online only clubs can be chartered.

Some members travel extensively, work remotely for a portion of the year, or are challenged by transportation issues and cannot always attend regularly scheduled club meetings. Clubs are able to allow individuals with special circumstances like these to continue to benefit from the Toastmasters experience online. Although this type of experience may not be the right fit for all clubs and all members, the change to policy and protocol allows clubs to make that decision if they are willing to invest in the necessary technology and equipment.

This option allows a club to incorporate online attendance as long as the majority of club members meet in person. Those who attend a club meeting online must participate via live audio and video conferencing tools. Clubs that consider allowing members to participate online must:

  • Vote to approve the allowance.
  • Update their Addendum of Standard Club Options in Club Central to reflect the club’s decision.
  • Determine the platform to be used and purchase necessary equipment at the club’s expense.
  • Ensure that all members and prospective club members are aware of the option.

Additional information regarding clubs with an online attendance option can be found in the FAQ section of the website.

For clubs chartering, they have the option to be an online only club that allows 100 percent online attendance. This option is not available for existing clubs.