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June 2024
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June 14 is the last day for District Directors to place District supply orders for the 2023-2024 term.

Toastmaster Magazine Article Championship

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Every March in the United States, a single-elimination basketball tournament is played among college teams from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Also referred to as “The Sweet 16” and “The Big Dance,” this basketball competition brings together sports fans from all over the country as they try to predict which teams will make it to the finals.

Thank you to everyone who voted on Toastmasters' Instagram stories for your favortie articles! We have an official article winner:

The Magic Power of Humor

Learn three strategies to help you connect with your audience and spark laughter.

Shake Up Table Topics With Creative Ideas

Keep guests and members engaged with a grab bag, story, or tall tale.

5 Great Ways to Begin a Speech

Learn to hook your audience in 10 seconds.

It’s Time to Meet Online!

Tips and tricks for holding successful online meetings during the health crisis.

Emotional Intelligence: The Other Kind of Smart

Unlike IQ, which is set, emotional intelligence can be learned and enhanced.

Like, Um, How Do I Stop, Ya Know, Using Um and Ah?

Use the science of disfluencies and techniques to clean up your speech.

Get the Scoop on Building a Quality Club

Friendliness and fun build a quality club culture.

Good Speaker Introductions Lead to Good Impressions

How to make a good impression—through planning and practice.

How to Have a Better Conversation

Engage, stay present, and listen.

How to Appear Your Best Online

Consider your setting, appearance, and delivery.


The Theme of Today’s Meeting Is

Add a spark to your sessions with a unifying topic.


Should You Enter Speech Contests?

By all means, YES!


How to Rock Your Presentation

Avoid these top 10 mistakes.

The Power of Body Language

Have something important to say? Make sure your gestures support your message.

The General Evaluator

Assessing the quality of your club meeting helps everyone improve.

Be Our Guest

Bring in visitors to build a bigger, better club.

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