presentation skills

Man standing up pointing at audience member with hand up

Presentation Skills

Handling the Q&A Session With Confidence

Diane Windingland, DTM

Webpage for online conference

Presentation Skills

Organizing a Successful Online Event

Diana Robertson

Woman in blue shirt speaking at lectern using hand gesture

Presentation Skills

The Impact of a Strong Speaker Introduction

Greg Lewis, DTM

Woman performing speech online

Presentation Skills

Telling Online Tales

Caren S. Neile, Ph.D.

Men from 16th century toasting

Presentation Skills

A Historical Odyssey: Toasting Traditions Over Time

Simon Bucknall

Pink and yellow sticky notes on white paper

Presentation Skills

Ditch the Notecards

Diane Windingland, DTM

Man speaking with hand gestures

Presentation Skills

Be Part of a Speakers Bureau

Caren S Neile, PhD, and Paul Sterman

Woman holding note card speaking while woman with baby, a man, and dog watch from couch

Presentation Skills

See For Yourself

Joel Schwartzberg

Woman in yellow sweater holding microphone speaking to audience

Presentation Skills

Making the Leap

Lynne Strang, DTM

Woman speaking onstage with hands up

Presentation Skills

How to Rock Your Presentation

Cathey Armillas, DTM

Man wearing headset talking and looking at laptop

Presentation Skills

Supercharging Your Storytelling and Sales

Steven D Cohen, PhD and Danny Rubin

Woman in pink shirt smiling at three people on computer screen

Presentation Skills

How to Moderate a Panel Discussion—Virtually

Kristin Arnold