presentation skills

Woman holding note card speaking while woman with baby, a man, and dog watch from couch

Presentation Skills

See For Yourself

Joel Schwartzberg

Woman speaking onstage with hands up

Presentation Skills

How to Rock Your Presentation

Cathey Armillas, DTM

Man wearing headset talking and looking at laptop

Presentation Skills

Supercharging Your Storytelling and Sales

Steven D Cohen, PhD and Danny Rubin

Woman in pink shirt smiling at three people on computer screen

Presentation Skills

How to Moderate a Panel Discussion—Virtually

Kristin Arnold

Man looking in mirror warming up for speech

Presentation Skills

Do You Have a Warm-up Routine?

Diane Windingland, DTM

Woman in tan sweater sitting at a desk smiling at someone on her laptop

Presentation Skills

Present With Executive Presence Online

Christine Clapp, DTM

Man in tan suit jacket speaking with gestures

Presentation Skills

What a Nice Gesture!

Joel Schwartzberg

Curtains opening up onstage

Presentation Skills

What Can the Speaker Learn From the Actor?

Roger Hessel and Kay Rode

Man in suit gesturing while telling story

Presentation Skills

The Anatomy of a Story

Jesse Scinto, MS, DTM

Ed Tate dressed in a suit and tie strikes a power pose onstage

Presentation Skills

Seven Seconds of Terror

Ed Tate

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Presentation Skills

Want to Speak With Passion?

Allison Shapira