club experience

Individuals meeting online with woman in center talking and gesturing

Club Experience

What to Expect at Your First Toastmasters Meeting

Megan Preston Meyer

Blue map showing continents with rays of light spreading out to different areas

Club Experience

Virtually Visit Clubs Around the Globe

Antonia Harrison

Members of the Chiang Mai club smiling and posing with banner

Club Experience

Reinvention in Chiang Mai

Constance Mudore,


Club Experience

In Good Company

Beth Black

Man and woman posing

Club Experience

Member Recognition

Club Experience

Antarctic Adventure

Satish Shenoy, DTM

Woman standing at lectern smiling

Club Experience

Love Your Club!

Group of Toastmasters members in Spain pose with banner

Club Experience

Trilingual Club in Spain Revives Ancient Language

Jennifer L Blanck, DTM

Lightbulb balloons

Club Experience

Infuse Your Club With Vitamin C: Creativity!

Craig Harrison, DTM

Five female members and a baby pose at a club meeting

Club Experience

Finnish Club Supports Mothers in Business

Stephanie Darling

Club Experience

The Theme of Today’s Meeting Is …

Bill Brown, DTM