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June 2024
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New Resources Available

Image of flier inviting people to attend an online meeting

Online Meeting Videos

Three new videos help clubs transition to online meetings. Keep Your Club on Track with Online Meetings, Successfully Filling Online Meeting Roles, and 7 Tips for Attending Online Meetings are great tools to help find success during these challenging times. Visit the Online Meetings webpage to watch the videos, and share them with your club’s members! If your club or District has members who are hesitant to attend online meetings, or you have friends or family who may be interested in Toastmasters, ask them to watch these videos.


Online Club Fliers

Invite members and guests to join your club’s next online meeting! Use customizable fliers to alert current and prospective members to your club’s online details.


Publicize Your Online Club

An email template has been created for Vice Presidents Public Relations (VPPRs) to publicize their online club through their local media. The template can be customized by replacing the bolded text with the appropriate club information, and shared with the local media via email. A list of media outlets in your area for you to contact can be accessed through Mondo Times. Email with any questions.


Pathways Updates

Wondering what is coming next for Pathways? Want to make sure you plan training sessions around Base Camp outages? Visit the newly created Pathways Updates page at to keep up to date.


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