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February 2024
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Members' Forum September 2021

An open platform for your tips, tactics, comments, and encouragement.

The Official Toastmasters International Members Group web page

The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on Facebook is always filled with conversations started by and for members. Below are a few posts and comments that may help clubs across the world or spark some inspiration.

Snacks and Speeches

Accredited Speaker Paul Artale, DTM, of Genesee Toastmasters in Flint, Michigan, asked members a fun question:


“What is the most delicious snack you’ve ever had at a Toastmasters meeting?”


Beef jerkyBeef jerky

You might laugh, but it was beef jerky.

John Morrow
Lakeland, Florida


Stuffed fried tofu.

Harlina Indra, DTM
Depok, Indonesia
Sri Lankan KokiKokis


Kokis with chili sauce! Part of a game we played.

Yasangi Randeni, DTM
Colombo, Sri Lanka


Vanilla ice cream a member made while demonstrating how to do it and then serving it to us as part of his speech.

Susan Swope, DTM
Redwood City, California


Applause—fulfilling and calorie-free!

Lynne Harris
Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Piece of baklavaBaklava


We once had homemade baklava.

Frank Briggs
Post Falls, Idaho


We used to meet at Lima Cricket Club at noon, so many of us had lunch there. My favorite: Peruvian chicken soup.

Pilar Cama
Lima, Peru

Table Topics® Tips

Looking for inspiration, Vanessa Hughes of Seymour Johnson Toastmasters in Goldsboro, North Carolina, asked,


“What are the best Table Topics questions you’ve heard?”


It was Victoria Day in Canada. The Table Topicsmaster at Early Risers Toastmasters Club asked me, “You are Queen Victoria and near the end of your reign. What are you most proud of?”

Margaret Bygrave
Stirling, United Kingdom


Pile of pennies


Bring in a bag of 15 pennies, each from a different year. For each speaker, read the year on one of the pennies and ask the speaker to give a Table Topics speech on something related to that year. It could be a story of something the speaker experienced that year. It could be a history lesson. Whatever the speaker wants to do.

Eldred Brown, DTM
Portland, Oregon


What is your favorite sound?

Michelle Willemse
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


At times in life we encounter brick walls. Tell us about a brick wall you overcame.

Jim Squires
Glendive, Montana


If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and how are you relevant?

Karyn Silenzi
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Join the conversation! Search for the group on Facebook or use #talkingtoastmasters to share your thoughts and tips.

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