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May 2024
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Top 12 Toastmaster Articles of 2021

Revisit readers’ favorite magazine stories from each month.

By Shannon Dewey


This year the Toastmaster magazine explored topics beyond the realm of conventional communication. As the world continued to shift, so did the content. From how to be productive at your new home office to livening up your online meetings to highlighting healthcare workers during the pandemic. Below is a list of the top 12 articles you, the readers, enjoyed the most.




Is There a Podcast in Your Future?

This convenient medium is a gold mine if you want to boost your communication skills.




The Formula for Funny

Try different humor tactics to win grins, giggles, and guffaws from your audience.




Zoom Fatigue, Be Gone!

Keep your online meetings fresh by shaking things up.




Scared of Public Speaking?

You’re not alone. Learn why giving speeches can be terrifying—and how to tame the fear.




Speech Topics Are Everywhere

Pay attention to your life and the ideas will come.




Paging All Health-Care Practitioners!

How Toastmasters communication skills helps a variety of medical professionals.




Ringing in the New Year

It’s a new Toastmasters program year! Take time to reflect and recharge.




Revamp Your Resume

How to showcase the skills and achievements you’ve gained through Toastmasters.




How to Quit Talking Quickly

6 tactics to help you slow your speaking speedometer.




Get to the Point

The difference between a meaningful presentation and a forgettable collection of words may not be what you think.




Build a Great Speech

Gain valuable tips for constructing a presentation from start to finish.





A Toastmaster’s Best Friend

Pets provide loyalty, laughs, and “pawsitive” reinforcement to members around the world.


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