club experience

Seven people meeting virtually posing on the screen

Club Experience

How to Appear Your Best While Delivering an Online Speech

Hana He


Club Experience

In Good Company

Beth Black

Person filling out form with pen

Club Experience

The Three R's of Preparing to Evaluate

Justin Bordessa, DTM

Man and woman posing

Club Experience

Member Recognition

Person sitting at a desk while teleconferencing with others on screen

Club Experience

It's Time to Meet Online!

Laura Amann

Woman standing at lectern smiling

Club Experience

Love Your Club!

Club Experience

Antarctic Adventure

Satish Shenoy, DTM

Woman standing at lectern speaking

Club Experience

Club Coaches, Learn From My Mistakes

Ryan Urie

Woman at lectern

Club Experience

Introducing Your Club Path Master

Craig Harrison, DTM

Group of Toastmasters members in Spain pose with banner

Club Experience

Trilingual Club in Spain Revives Ancient Language

Jennifer L Blanck, DTM

Cartoon people with conversation clouds above them

Club Experience

Collegiate Communicators