Man with backpack

My Turn

Taking Toastmasters on a Pilgrimage

Alejandro Martinez

Man reading book to group of children


Blind Member Is Unstoppable

Andrew Miller

Man writing on whiteboard

Humor Speech Tips

Want to Add Humor to Your Speech? Follow this MAP

Andrew Tarvin

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Giving to Gavel Clubs

Andrew Miller

Dr. Stanley Aruyaru speaking with hand gestures


Mentorship in Toastmasters and Medicine

Dr. Stanley Aruyaru

Cassandra Lee smiling in blue jacket and black shirt

Personal Growth

Virtual Preparation Pays Off

Cassandra R Lee, DTM

Toastmaster Andrea Cilleti posing for photo

My Turn

Disaster Researcher Puts Toastmasters Skills to the Test

Andrea Ciletti

Question mark on a white sign

Meeting Roles

Tackling the Topicsmaster Role

Cheryl Andrichuk, ACB, CL


Club Experience

Club Etiquette

Cheryl Andrichuk, ACB, CL

Sherry Benson Podlochuk

Member Moment

Believe in the Power of Your Voice

Cheryl Andrichuk, ACB, CL

Ralph Yorsh


Curiosity and the Power of Words

Cheryl Andrichuk, ACB, CL