Accredited Speaker Profiles

Dilip Abayasekara

Abayasekara speaks about public speaking, communication, teamwork, spiritual enrichment,
and human behavioral styles.

Sunbury, Pennsylvania, United States  • Read Bio

Stephanie Angelo

Stephanie AngeloAngelo speaks, trains, consults, and delivers workshops for professionals on company culture, ethics, leadership, accountability, and human resources.

Chandler, Arizona, United States   • Read Bio

Paul Artale

Artale speaks on motivation, work-life balance, disability in the workplace, and leadership.

Swartz Creek, Michigan, United States  • Read Bio

Yelena Balabanova

Balabanova teaches the effective techniques of overcoming fear of failure, training for peak performance, and more.

Seattle, Washington, United States  • Read Bio

Anne Barab

Barab spreads wisdom in the fields of leadership, teamwork, and communication.

Dallas, Texas, United States  • Read Bio

Michael Bayer

Bayer’s subject matter expertise includes change management, LEAN process improvement, and humor.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  • Read Bio

Ronald Chapman

Chapman speaks on organizational transformation, leadership development, strategy, and personal
and professional growth.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States  • Read Bio

Wayne Choate

Choate inspires and motivates while also speaking on effective communication, and sales.

Westlake Village, California, United States   • Read Bio

Donny Crandell

Crandell presents on audience connection, excellence, positivity, marriage resiliency, and more.

Reno, Nevada, United States   • Read Bio

Robert Cravalho

Cravalho’s expertise is in the fields of executive leadership, administrative communication, and
conflict management.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States   • Read Bio

Clare Crowther

Crowther speaks on coaching conversations for leaders and managers, improving team
effectiveness, and more.

Saltash, Cornwall, United Kingdom  • Read Bio

Conor Cunneen

Cunneen’s mission is to improve people, performance, and productivity—with a smile.

Naperville, Illinois, United States  • Read Bio

Sima Dahl

Dahl speaks on leadership topics such as personal branding, executive presence, and confident communications.

Chicago, Illinois, United States  • Read Bio

Maurice DiMino

DiMino is an expert on communication skills, leadership, presentation skills, and team building.

Los Angeles, California, United States  • Read Bio

Freddi Dogterom

Dogterom delivers presentations on public speaking, mentorship, essential soft skills, communication,
and retirement life planning.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada  • Read Bio

Valda Ford

Ford helps people successfully communicate, balance their personal and professional lives, teaches
strategies on diversity, and more.

High Point, North Carolina, United States   • Read Bio

Joe Grondin

Grondin addresses education, wellness, communication skills, and leadership in his presentations.

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada   • Read Bio

Patrick Hardy

Hardy is an expert in crisis management, disaster preparedness, and emergency preparedness.

Sacramento, California, United States   • Read Bio

John Hartquist

Hartquist speaks on the leadership and management of change, strategic alliances, and public speaking.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States  • Read Bio

Bob Hooey

Hooey shares tips for enhanced leadership, productivity and time management, powerful presentation
skills, and more.

Egremont, Alberta, Canada  • Read Bio

Margaret Hope

Hope helps people find and tell their story, teaches the art of persuasion, and more.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada  • Read Bio

Thomas Iland

Iland speaks on human potential, self-empowerment, self-actualization, presentation delivery, and autism.

Los Angeles, California, United States  • Read Bio

Ellie Kay

Ellie KayKay speaks on the topics of entrepreneurship, finances and leadership, as well as inspiring military,
and first responders.

Palmdale, California, United States   • Read Bio

Barbara Khozam

Barbara KhozamKhozam delivers presentations on customer service, customer experience, leadership, communication, and patient experience and satisfaction.

Escondido, California, United States   • Read Bio

Darren LaCroix

LaCroix teaches people how to get paid to speak, tell better stories, and give unforgettable presentations.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States   • Read Bio

Dana LaMon

LaMon speaks on motivation, personal growth, overcoming challenges, and more.

Lancaster, California, United States   • Read Bio

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez

Fernandez offers insight on negotiation, contracts, leadership, self-leadership, speaking skills, and more.

Irvine, California, United States  • Read Bio

Ross Mackay

Mackay talks about humor in life and work, goal achievement, and leaving a leadership legacy.

Aurora, Ontario, Canada  • Read Bio

Denise Marek

Marek provides the tools necessary to eliminate worry, reduce stress, and cultivate inner peace.

Whitby, Ontario, Canada  • Read Bio

Terry Mayfield

Mayfield speaks on leadership, public speaking, and sales.

Los Angeles, California, United States   • Read Bio

Tammy Miller

Miller presents on communication and presentation skills, motivation, humor and healing, leadership,
and more.

State College, Pennsylvania, United States   • Read Bio

Verity Price

Verity PricePrice speaks about thinking ahead of the crowd, leading with optimism, and presenting with power.

Cape Town, South Africa  • Read Bio

Kai Rambow

Rambow is a productivity trainer who shows people and organizations how to accomplish more
in less time.

Tampa, Florida, United States  • Read Bio

Dale Rees-Bevan

Dale Rees-BevanRees-Bevan inspires people to use confidence, communication, and fearless feedback as tools for their success.

Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia  • Read Bio

Rochelle Rice

Rice is an expert on leadership, the power of posture, and the power of resiliency.

New York, New York, United States  • Read Bio

Sheryl Roush

Roush is an expert on boosting attitude and communication skills.

San Diego, California, United States   • Read Bio

Mohamed Ali Shukri

Shukri speaks on safety, training, facilitation, public speaking, and more.

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain • Read Bio

Hal Slater

Slater is a specialist in high-ticket to consumer sales training, and sales applications of neuro-linguistic

San Diego, California, United States  • Read Bio

Kevin Snyder

Snyder's keynotes and workshops increase motivation, empower positive change, and inspire high performance.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States  • Read Bio

Forrest Tuff

Accredited Speaker Forrest TuffTuff is an expert on brand strategy, entrepreneurship, film and television, leadership, and multimedia.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States   • Read Bio

Greg Van Borssum

Van Borssum speaks on mental health, suicide prevention, overcoming adversity, and team leadership.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia  • Read Bio

Greg Wood

Wood combines his skills as a comedy entertainer into his presentations about leadership, developing
self-esteem, personal development, and presentation skills.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  • Read Bio