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April 2024
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Why Do People Join Toastmasters?

By Matt Kinsey, DTM

Matt Kinsey smiling
Matt Kinsey, DTM

Why do people commit time, energy, and effort to become a part of our organization?

As club officers, as members, it’s important to understand the reasons. I think they’re connected to a couple of fundamental questions people ask themselves. The first one being, Can Toastmasters help me with the skills I want to develop? If you feel you need communication or leadership-skills development, then Toastmasters can definitely help, as long as the person is willing to be helped.

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The second question is a little more personal: Do I fit in with this group of people who meet at this particular time and place—do I feel like I’m a part or could be a part of this group? In your club meetings, think about the questions on your guests’ minds. Does your meeting demonstrate how your club can help a prospective member develop their communication and leadership skills in a positive and supportive environment? Do you make them feel welcome? Will they walk out and think, I can see myself as a part of Toastmasters?

If the answer is no to these questions, then they’re not going to join. And in my experience, if the answer is yes, a lot of other considerations become less important. I’ve found that for most members the primary questions they ask themselves before joining are: Do I feel that Toastmasters can help me develop my communication and/or leadership skills? Does the club meet at a time and location that work for me? Do I like the format—whether online, in person, or hybrid? Do I fit in? Do I feel like I’m a part of the group? These last two are important to consider because Toastmasters is a relationship organization.

Not only do our meetings need to demonstrate that we can help people develop their skills but also that we are a comfortable space where people truly benefit from their membership.

Is your club prepared and eager to share a culture that demonstrates an atmosphere of ­learning and camaraderie? Can you answer yes to these important questions below?

  • Do our club meetings demonstrate that we can help members develop skills?
  • Do we make guests feel welcome?

If the answer is yes to both, then I anticipate your club will continue to grow and Toastmasters will benefit more people.

Matt Kinsey, DTM

International President


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