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May 2024
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Women in Toastmasters: 50 Years of the Courageous First Step

Global event celebrates trailblazer Helen Blanchard and those who are following in her footsteps.

By Shannon Dewey

Men and women on Zoom call

In 1970—a time when Toastmasters International was still an all-male organization—a motivated woman named Helen Blanchard joined a club under the name “Homer” at the encouragement of her fellow members. Three years later, Toastmasters began officially admitting women, and Helen went on to become Toastmasters’ first female international president from 1985-1986.

Helen Blanchard in blue outfit with Toastmasters pinHelen Blanchard

To honor those first steps taken by Helen 50 years ago, more than 300 women and men from around the world came together on a single platform for a two-day virtual event. The celebration, which took place in June 2020, was widely appreciated for its diversity, ideas, and execution by members spanning six continents, 17 countries, in 21 Districts.

The Women in Toastmasters (WIT) event was the brainchild of Toastmasters Rakhi P. and Sandipa Maheswari, and originated in District 92 (Karnataka and Kerala, India). Rakhi, now in District 121, had the idea of commemorating the 50-year mark by bringing women together for inspiration and camaraderie. That idea, paired with Sandipa’s expertise in conducting global events, along with the WIT organizing committee formed from District 92, made it a well-organized occasion and successful partnership.

Over the two-day event, four guest speakers provided messages of inspiration, public speaking techniques, and tips on communication and negotiation. Past International President Pat Johnson, DTM, inspired everyone to expand and explore their possibilities with her speech, “You never know what you miss if you don’t stand up.”

“Helen was a powerful role model for so many, and definitely for us women who have held the International President office,” says Johnson. “She was always so supportive and would send me emails or notes occasionally, and she actually shared some photos that she had in her possession of my very first Toastmasters mentor.”

The first day started off with a live Toastmasters meeting, with the theme “Individually strong, together powerful.” The women who took on meeting roles came from different walks of life; namely authors, TEDx speakers, stand-up comedians, District champions of public speaking, two-time DTM’s, and more. A creative and fun-filled Table Topics session also took place with equal participation from the male audience, who were there to support their fellow female members.


Glimpses of attendees of the Women in Toastmasters (WIT) virtual event, which took place in June 2020.A successful partnership between Rhaki P. and Sandipa Maheswari helped make the Women in Toastmasters event possible.A public relations team helped to get the word out to members, and made this a true global event.A registration team also helped ensure that both women and men from around the world could sign-up for the two-day virtual event.An event spanning six continents, 17 countries, in 21 Districts, wouldn't be possible without the help of moderators. The four guest speakers at the event included Pat Johnson, Sheryl Roush, Eldonna Lewis-Fernandez, and Luisa Montalvo.There were more than 300 virtual attendees, including these members who were chatting and smiling during the event.

Another speaker, Luisa Montalvo, who is the second-place winner of the 2019 World Championship of Public Speaking, shed light on public speaking techniques by sharing anecdotes from her life, and talked about honoring the sacrifices made by the women who came before her. “I feel it is my duty, in fact our duty, to all the women of the past, all of our ancestors, anybody who had to go forge a new path—they deserve our respect, and they deserve our commitment in trying to make this a much more level playing field for women and men, for everyone,” Montalvo said in her speech.

Accredited Speaker Sheryl Roush, DTM, enriched the audience with different communication styles and presented a poem dedicated to women in Toastmasters. And negotiation expert and Accredited Speaker Eldonna Lewis Fernandez equipped the audience with negotiation strategies, teaching them, “If you want to own your power, learn how to leverage the power of the pause.”

The most treasured part of the event, says Rakhi, was when the speakers shared cherished memories they had with Helen Blanchard. Johnson remembered the feeling of pride and sisterhood when she had her photo taken with Past International Presidents Blanchard, Pauline Shirley, and Jana Barnhill after she was inducted into office in Palm Desert, California, August 2010. “It was a huge honor to stand with these women and share our experiences,” says Johnson.

Helen Blanchard made the brave decision to attend Toastmasters meetings half a century ago when she knew women weren’t accepted; event chairs Rakhi and Sandipa want women in Toastmasters to know that they, too, can take the leap.

“We celebrate all of the women who are strong and daring enough to take that first step in their own lives, and to come out of their comfort zones and shine.”

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