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How to Use Gestures and Body Language to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Have you ever seen someone give a speech or presentation, and the whole time they stood stiffly at the lectern or podium? It can be boring to watch someone give a speech or presentation when they don’t use movement to keep you engaged.

The 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking, Ramona Smith, will help you plan how to effectively use appropriate body language to captivate your audience!

5 Public Speaking Tips to Speak with Confidence

Have you ever felt nervous or anxious when you had to speak in front of other people? Or are you preparing for a class or work presentation and want to feel confident so you can do your absolute best?

In this video, the 2018 World Champion of Public Speaking, Ramona Smith, breaks down 5 tips that will help you prepare for and give your best presentation or speech yet!

The Club Experience

Have you ever wondered what happens at a Toastmasters club? Watch this video to find out, and share it with any of your friends, family or colleagues interested in improving their speaking and leadership skills.

Member Testimonials

Why do people join Toastmasters and how do they benefit? Members from different countries and backgrounds share how they’ve gained confidence in communication and leadership.

Speechcraft Overview for Coordinators

See what your Speechcrafters have access to on the Speechcraft Portal on Base Camp and how you, as the coordinator, can best provide support.

Public Speaking Series: Speak for Yourself

Recognize all the ways public speaking applies to your daily life; get tips on life situations where a speech is required.

Public Speaking Series: Lose the Fear, Learn the Relevance

Understand why public speaking is so scary, why it doesn’t have to be, and how it’s relevant in today’s world.

Toastmasters' First-Ever Virtual Convention

Get excited with International President Deepak Menon as he details the free and special opportunity for everyone to take an online Toastmasters journey—and be transported everywhere!

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