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Gopi Kallayil Shares His Techniques on Mindfulness

Toastmaster Gopi Kallayil, ACS, Google’s Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing, shares an effective and easy mindfulness exercise. As one of the leading voices encouraging yoga and mindfulness in the workplace today, Gopi believes in the power of slowing down to achieve inner peace. Whether it’s right before a big speech or used as a daily ritual, this technique can help bring your mind and body to the present moment. Learn more about Gopi and his mindfulness practice in the April Toastmaster magazine.

Gopi Kallayil-Why I Joined Toastmasters

Gopi Kallayil, ACS, Google’s Chief Evangelist for Brand Marketing, shares his story of how he became a longtime Toastmaster. The supportive environments in his Silicon Valley clubs is just one of the many reasons the high-tech industry expert says he will be a member for life. For more on Gopi Kallayil, read the April Toastmaster magazine cover article.

Getting Started on Base Camp as a Speechcraft Coordinator

Learn what to do once you’ve accessed the Speechcraft Portal on Base Camp and discover the materials and resources available to you as a Speechcraft coordinator.

Achieving Club Excellence: A candid conversation about achieving excellence in clubs.

On February 16, 2022, Toastmasters leaders hosted a webinar to discuss what club excellence looks like in our current environment and shared strategies to help your club add and retain members.


人們為什麼會加入演講會 (Toastmasters) ,又如何從中獲益呢?影片中,來自不同國家與不同背景的會員們分享了他們是如何在溝通與領導上獲得信心。

Pathways أهلًا بكم في

تعرف على البرنامج التعليمي الجديد من Toastmasters، تجربة تعليم Pathways .

Willkommen zu Pathways

Erfahren Sie etwas über die Pathways-Lernerfahrung, das neue Weiterbildungsprogramm von Toastmasters International.

Funciones de la sesión del club

¿Te has imaginado qué sucede en un club Toastmasters? Descúbrelo en este video y compártelo con tus amigos, familia o colegas que estén interesados en desarrollar sus habilidades de comunicación y liderazgo.

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