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Relationship Rejuvenation

Discover how the Strategic Relationships path has helped Toastmasters James Wantz and Kaushik Balasubramanian network with others, make meaningful connections and become more comfortable interacting with people at work.

Getting Started on Base Camp as a Speechcraft Coordinator

Learn what to do once you’ve accessed the Speechcraft Portal on Base Camp and discover the materials and resources available to you as a Speechcraft coordinator.

2020 World Championship of Public Speaking®

Experience the thrill as eight finalists compete to become the 2020 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Toastmasters International 90th Anniversary

Take a look at Toastmasters International 90 years of history.

Sarah Khan Toastmasters and Diversity

In this video, speaker and trainer Sarah Khan shares what Toastmasters represents to her: A diverse group of people who respect and support each other to become better communicators and leaders. Sarah goes on to reveal that if it wasn’t for Toastmasters she wouldn’t be able to share her message of unity that she now spreads across the globe.

Tiffony Jacobs The Benefits of Toastmasters

Tiffony Jacobs is one of the former students transformed by educator Erin Gruwell in the 1990s in Long Beach, California. An original Freedom Writer, Tiffony and her peers gained notoriety after a best-selling book and critically acclaimed movie came out with their powerful story. Now, an outreach coordinator for the Freedom Writers Foundation, Tiffony reveals the multiple opportunities that Toastmasters has provided her. Joining the organization, she says, is a great way to share and deliver a conversation that matters.

Erin Gruwell: How to Speak to an International Audience

Toastmaster Erin Gruwell is an acclaimed educator, speaker and founder of the Freedom Writers Foundation. In this video she shares a list of powerful questions to ask yourself the next time you’re presenting to make the most of the experience for your audience and yourself.

Day of Celebration Webinar: Honoring Volunteer Leaders

On October 22, 2021, Toastmasters celebrated its 97th anniversary. International President Margaret Page hosted a webinar with a panel of leaders from around the world to share stories of resiliency and honor the organization’s volunteer leaders.

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