Tostmasters Within Your Workplace

A Toastmasters Corporate Club

Within Your Workplace

Bring the power of soft-skill development to your organization!

Could your workforce use a refresh? Forward-thinking companies today see that by improving employee oral communication, listening, presenting, and time management skills, employee job performance and satisfaction are heightened in return. Take part in this proven transformation through a Toastmasters corporate club; meetings typically last an hour and combine extensive speaking/communication practice with positive feedback in a safe environment. Empower your people and elevate your workforce!

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The Cost

  • One-time new club fee of $125 USD
  • $60 USD membership fee (per employee, every six months)
  • One-time new member fee of $20 USD

Your company’s commitment to a Toastmasters corporate club can range from covering all fees to providing a meeting space. Toastmasters’ flexible program was designed to work for your company, whether it is a startup or one of the almost-300 Fortune 500 companies that recognize the value of Toastmasters in the workplace.

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The Return

  • Improve/leverage employee soft skills
  • Offer ‘learning by doing’ through Pathways, Toastmasters’ flexible education program
  • Foster better employee retention and performance
  • Create a culture of clear communication
  • Encourage cross-cultural awareness, team camaraderie, and internal networking

Through a Toastmasters club, your company can raise up employees with the tools needed to nail their next presentation, own their sales meetings, and network with executives. The skills they learn can improve their confidence, help them reach their potential, and grow their career.

The Process

Ready to incorporate the Toastmasters corporate club experience in your workplace?

  1. Recruit 20 or more people to join your company club—they don’t all have to work within the organization
  2. Designate and secure a meeting location—you can meet online, in person, or both
  3. Review How to Build a Toastmasters Club—this step-by-step guide contains helpful tips, testimonials, and forms.
  4. Click “Download packet” or “Get started” below

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Soft Skills Solve Hard Problems

See how a Toastmasters corporate club can strengthen and differentiate your workforce.

Company skill gapsare identified by 55% of HR employees1

Miscommunicationcosts companies an average of $420,000 USD per year2

2. Up, Down, and Sideways: High-Impact Verbal Communication for HR Professionals, 2013. Patricia Buhler, Joel Worden


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