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July 2024
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On July 26, Base Camp (including Speechcraft access) will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from 6 p.m. Mountain Time (UTC -6) to 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.

Letters to the Editor

By Staff

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Thanks for the article “Cultivating Inclusive Audience Awareness” (October 2022). As a Toastmaster, I have had the opportunity to meet leaders from around the world. This has taught me to appreciate the differences. However, I also find that adapting to cultural differences is understood differently by Western leaders. Many expect the rest of the world to adapt to how things are done by them and not vice versa. I hope to see that change happen as there is no culture superior to another.

Swarna Kalyan, DTMSingapore


I really enjoyed the article “Clowning Around” (January 2023). I thought the timing was very good, weeks in advance of the club, Area, and Division speech contests, and there were concrete examples to follow. One update to the Zoom meeting framework I’ve noticed is they’ve updated the tool to include game or ice breaker apps through “Kahoot!” It would be interesting to see the experience of how clubs warm people up when using these apps. Thank you for all your work on the magazine.

Patricia PinesEllicott City, Maryland


The article “Know a Narcissist?” (December 2022) has given me the confidence to deal with people in my life. Useful information in abundance. Thank you, editorial staff at the magazine.

Rosalynd O’ShannassyCharlestown, New South Wales, Australia


Thanks for a great idea! “Create a Conversation Résumé” (December 2022). I have a bad memory and that leaves me feeling unsure of conversation when it comes to social events. I have taken some amazing trips and had some great experiences but don’t remember enough details to bring it up. Going to be on my to-do list to create a conversation résumé.

Audrey ShawMount Holly, New Jersey


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