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May 2024
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Letters to the Editor


The February 2022 edition of the Toastmaster magazine is such a delightful read. The array of topics is a reader’s paradise. The one article that stood out for me is “Stay in Love With Your Club.” It was sheer nostalgia to read the first sentence. The article took me down memory lane to 13 years ago, when I began as a novice Toastmaster. I joined impulsively because I was so keen to learn what Toastmasters was all about after seeing the transformational changes it inspired in my hubby.

As time traversed, I learned, I grew, I fumbled, I rose again, I met awesome members—some of them are friends for life. I saw members reach out to me when I was in my low moments and saw them lift me up and help me continue the journey.

After such an incredible journey, with members who stood with me and each other, I wouldn’t call it my club. For me it is my Toastmasters family. These past two years have been very challenging for my corporate club. Yet we, as a family, have persevered and gloried in our achievements.

Shalini Menezes, DTM
Emirates Group Toastmasters • Dubai, United Arab Emirates


[“Toastmasters and Rotary: Stronger Together” was a] great article. [I’m a] longtime Rotarian and joined Toastmasters a few years ago. I found great benefit to both organizations in working together. My home Rotary club helped found the new Downriver Toastmasters club and we alternate meetings each week, with Rotary on the first and third Thursdays and Toastmasters on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. Both clubs are gaining members from the partnership and collaboration.

Stephen Ahles
Downriver Toastmasters • Southgate, Michigan


[“Managing and Resolving Conflict” in the April issue] is a worthwhile article. Many of the points resonated with me, especially as I train on conflict resolution. Indeed, if we can see conflict in a positive light, view things from the other person's perspective, and try to get to the conflict early, a lot of conflict that occurs would be avoided. Thank you.

Julie Bockarie
Prince Emmanuel SDA Toastmasters • Bowie, Maryland


The article "7 Tips to Attend a Bilingual Toastmasters Meeting" [in the April 2022 issue] brought back memories of my daily border crossing to the United States to learn to speak English in high school. Although I endured jesting from some classmates, for fifty years now I have spoken fondly of Richard, [a friend] who let me struggle to speak English. In our fourth year, when I found out that he was fluent in Spanish, Richard said, "You came to learn English. I would not hinder your efforts."

Ramón Saldaña
Panhandle Pro Club • Amarillo, Texas


I really enjoyed [“The Power of Poetry” in the March 2022 Toastmaster]! We don't have a Poetmaster or Wordmaster role in our club, but I do love creative writing. With World Poetry Day on March 21—mentioned in the article—it motivated me to sign up as Toastmaster for our March 23 meeting and make our theme "World Poetry Day." Maybe I'll even host a poetry workshop for my club too. Thanks for all the ideas.

Rachel Parsons
Cutting Edge Speakers • Edgewood, New York


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