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March 2023
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Special Event Fliers Are Here

Use these customizable fliers to promote your events: Download, personalize, and share them with friends, family, coworkers, and other members of your community!

The Guiding Light of Club Central

Are you a new officer? Or a current officer who is looking for a way to provide financial receipts to your members? Great news! The Club Central Tutorials walk an officer through all the different tools in Club Central, from adding members to club achievements.

Dues Renewal

To ensure your club is in good standing and receives credit for the Distinguished Club Program, remember to log in to Club Central and submit your dues payments by April 1, 2021. Per Policy 2.0, the minimum renewal requirement is eight paid members—at least three of whom were club members during the previous renewal period. Unpaid officers lose access to Club Central 30 days after their membership expires. Email the Club and Member Support Team at if you have questions.

Generate Publicity Through Local Awards

Many newspapers and publications give out awards recognizing local organizations for their outstanding work. District Public Relations Managers and Vice Presidents Public Relations can raise awareness and attract new members by searching local publications’ websites for any upcoming awards and apply for those relevant to Toastmasters. A recent success story of this type of initiative: Toastmasters was named Best Business Career Training organization by the Toronto Star’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

2021 Online Convention Experience

In 2020, Toastmasters had the opportunity to be part of history by attending the first-ever online convention. The opportunity for virtual connection will continue as the Board of Directors decided to conduct an online convention August 23-28, 2021. This event will be held in place of the previously announced in-person convention in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information and updates, visit our website.

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