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June 2024
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Why Brand Matters

Image of Toastmasters branding webpage

With a membership exceeding 358,000 in 143 countries, Toastmasters International is an organization whose brand imagery and messaging must be consistent for the organization to remain recognizable and strong. It is vital that the Toastmasters logo and brand colors are used appropriately. Clubs and members are responsible for ensuring brand compliance. A consistent brand is important because it helps the organization convey a clear message and allows others to see the Toastmasters logo on marketing materials or in a club meeting and know they will be able to improve their speaking skills in a safe, supportive environment.

The brand is more than just a look—it’s a feeling.

Brand is in the environment in which meetings, conferences, and events are set up. It’s in the products we offer. It’s in every communication made by World Headquarters, districts, and clubs. It’s in the way members convey the Toastmasters brand through their interactions within the club and in the community.

The brand is our identity.

While every club has its own personality, the brand should still shine through so that a member can attend any meeting and have a sense of familiarity and comfort. How can you help represent our global brand?

Watch the video below to learn how to use Toastmasters' brand resources.

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