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May 2024
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The Truth About Time

Toastmasters Truth Abut Time

The moment of truth has arrived. Your club meeting is scheduled to start. The question is: Will it start on time?

This is no small matter. Starting—and ending—club meetings on time shows respect for all attendees. Everyone has busy lives, and when a club meeting is scheduled from noon to 1 p.m., for example, people want to know they can plan accordingly.

Respecting people’s time is a key part of program planning and meeting organization, which is regarded as one of Toastmasters’ six “moments of truth.” These are crucial opportunities for clubs to make a positive impression on members and guests. The six areas are:

  • First impressions
  • Membership orientation
  • Fellowship, variety and communication
  • Program planning and meeting organization
  • Membership strength
  • Achievement recognition

Moments of Truth, part of Toastmasters’ Successful Club Series, offers strategies for being successful in these six areas. It’s a tool to help clubs establish standards for excellence and provide a quality experience for members and guests.

When club meetings are carefully planned and organized, everyone learns more and feels better about the time they spend there. Some tips:

  • Make sure members know what the meeting agenda is in advance.
  • Be sure all meeting roles are filled and that those filling them know their responsibilities.
  • Plan creative Table Topics sessions and fun themes. And start and end club meetings on time. All attendees will be grateful.

Moments of Truth and accompanying resources can be downloaded from theToastmasters website.

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