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March 2023
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Pathways Improves Evaluation Process

Stronger speech evaluations are a key component of the Pathways learning experience. Evaluation criteria have been enhanced and standardized, which will help evaluators provide constructive, relevant feedback.

In the new education program, you will still give and receive verbal and written evaluations in your club meetings, but you’ll do it in a different way. For one thing, the new evaluation form will be customized for each individual project assignment. And when members give speeches in Pathways, they will all be evaluated by the same objective standards. Speaking skills will be scored on a scale of 5 to 1, with 5 being the highest score. Categories on the evaluation form include “vocal variety,” “eye contact,” “gestures” and “clarity.”

Scores are based on how the speaker meets specific criteria related to the content and delivery of the speech. For example, in the “vocal variety” category a score of 5 is given for using “the tools of tone, speech and volume to perfection.” A score of 1 means you showed “ineffective use of tone, speed and volume.” In the “gestures” category, a 5 is given if you “fully integrate physical gestures with content to deliver an exemplary speech.” Receiving a 1 means you use “very distracting gestures or no gestures.”

These objective standards will help make the evaluation experience more consistent in clubs around the world. It’s important to remember that evaluators and speakers alike benefit from a strong evaluation. Learning to give constructive criticism is a skill, and providing valuable feedback to a fellow member is one of the best opportunities in Toastmasters.


For more information about Pathways, visit the Pathways learning experience webpage.


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