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June 2023
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How to Promote Your Open House and Demo Meeting

Enlist the human resources department and line managers to promote a corporate kickoff meeting through their internal channels, such as a companywide email, closed-circuit video, or by posting or distributing fliers.


Promote a community kickoff meeting via word of mouth, personal invitation and social media. Post fliers in busy places (community bulletin boards, libraries, stores, university areas, gyms, cafes). Use branded materials from the Toastmasters website.


Post your event on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Create a short promo video on YouTube or Vimeo and link it to your posts. Use Meetup or other networking sites to promote. Leverage your personal connections to spread the word. Use Eventbrite or other registration-tracking services to keep count of RSVPs.


Do an internet search using your city with the word “event” to see where other events are posted, and post your event to that site.


Invite past club members and ­visitors. Tap into people with large networks or strong influence to reach more people.


Use low/no-cost media outlets such as smaller community publications, trade magazines or local access television channels. Offer to do live interviews with a media ­outlet or podcaster.


Personal, heartfelt invitations are powerful. Invite your family, neighbors and co-workers. Mention the event at parties, church, school, gymnasium, community gatherings and while running errands.


Repeat and layer as needed. One post, email or flier is not enough. One of each is better, as long as it doesn’t become ­irritating or pushy.


And don’t forget to use the tools that Toastmasters offers:

  • New Club Information Kit Demonstration Meeting Sample Agenda 
  • Form 3: Charter Membership Application 
  • Open House Resources 
  • Membership Building Kit 
  • Let the World Know: Publicity and Promotion 
  • Membership Application


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