Man sitting at a table planning

Presentation Skills

Shake Up Table Topics With Creative Ideas

Allan Kaufman, DTM and Allan Misch, DTM

Three people laughing


How to Be the Funniest Person in the Room

Nick Jack Pappas

Patricia Dzifa Mensah-Larkai


DTM From Ghana Grooms Others for Greatness

Shannon Dewey

Woman with hand on head

Presentation Skills

What Was I Saying?

Diane Windingland, DTM

Presentation Skills

Writing for the Spoken Word

Bill Brown, DTM

Man toasting a crowd

Presentation Skills

Master the Toast

Simon Bucknall, ACB, CL

Laird Guttersen

Club Experience

The Hanoi Hilton Toastmasters

Jan Henrikson

Toastmasters World Champion Winners

News from Toastmasters International

2018 World Championship of Public Speaking

Tess Iandiorio

Presentation Skills

A Recipe for the Evaluation Sandwich

Bill Brown, DTM

Toastmaster Conversation


How to Have a Better Conversation

Celeste Headlee

Illustration of a woman looking at herself in the mirror

Personal Growth

Do You Devalue Your Success Because of Self-Doubt? You May Have Impostor Syndrome

Maureen Zappala, DTM

A chalkboard with a clock and arrows


Leading by Doing

Megan Preston Meyer, CC, CL