Cartoon male holding pathos, logos and ethos cards


How to Persuade Others

Christine Clapp, DTM

People sitting around table while man speaks at lectern

Club Experience

The Secret to a Meaningful Evaluation

Dan Strum, ACB, CL

Innovative Planning badge

News from Toastmasters International

The Path to Innovative Planning

Jennifer L Blanck, DTM

Illustration of a loud speaker

Presentation Skills

Need to Make an Impact? Get Loud

Joel Schwartzberg, CC, CL

Presentation Skills

Last-minute Meeting Scramble

Bill Brown, DTM

Past International President Mohammed Murad gestures speaking to audience


Is Leadership for Me?

Mohammed Murad, DTM

Hand setting wooden block on Jenga pile


5 Easy Tips for Crafting a Speech

Judith T. Krauthamer

Public relations illustration


In Public Relations, Persistence Pays

Tess Iandiorio

5-second Rule Bart Brown Illustration

Personal Growth

Reframe Your Life in 5 seconds

Dave Zielinski


Personal Growth

The Path to Presentation Mastery

Jennifer L Blanck, DTM

Presentation Skills

The Care and Treatment of Guests

Bill Brown, DTM