Young woman speaking to job interviewer in office

Professional Development

5 Tips to Land a Job or Internship

Eva Finn

Artificial Intelligence generated image of a man in suit typing on laptop with various colors in background


ChatGPT: Enhance Your Toastmasters Speeches

Victor David

Man speaking to audience wearing blue suit jacket and tie and red clown nose


3, 2, 1—Engage!

Don Colliver

Man holding up hands while speaking to a hybrid audience

Online Meetings

The Wide World of Hybrid Toastmasters

David F. Carr, DTM

Queen Elizabeth II wearing green dress sitting in a chair speaking


Royal Honor

Steve Vear, DTM

Man in suit and tie giving presentation with PowerPoint slide in background

Presentation Skills

5 Basic Tips for Effective Slide Presentations

David Henson

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Personal Growth

Meet Your Future Self—Today

Ryan Levesque, DTM

Man onstage looking into camera with arms stretched out


Clowning Around

Don Colliver

Woman in red shirt speaking to man over coffee

Professional Development

Next-Step Networking

Victor David

Man onstage speaking to online audience


Presenting in Today’s Virtual World

Dave Zielinski

Cartoon woman speaking at podium onstage

Cross-Cultural Communication

5 Tips for Becoming a Culturally Intelligent Speaker

David Livermore, Ph.D.

Man in blue shirt and tie speaking

My Turn

Toastmasters and Physics

Mervin Bierman, DTM