Club Leadership Committee Report

Template used by the Club Leadership Committee to announce the nominations for the Club Executive Committee elections.

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Club Leadership Handbook English

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc.

This version updated 5/2023

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Club Officer Installation Script-English

An editable version of the Club Officer Installation Script from the Club Leadership Handbook.

This version updated 05/2022

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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail German Handbuch für Clubführung (de-DE1310)

Eine einfach zu nutzende Anleitung mit Kapiteln zu Clubführung, Vorstandsrollen etc.

Aktualisierte Version 12/2021

Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Portuguese Manual de Liderança do Clube (pt-BR1310)

Um guia fácil de usar com capítulos detalhando a governança do clube, cargos de liderança, etc.

Esta versão foi atualizada em 12/2021

Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Spanish Manual de Liderazgo del Club (es-MX1310)

Una guía fácil de usar con capítulos que detallan la administración del club, los roles de liderazgo, etc.

Versión actualizada 12/2021

Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail French Manuel du Leadership de Club (fr-FR1310)

Un guide convivial avec chapitres détaillant la gouvernance du club, les rôles de leadership, etc.

Cette version mise à jour le 12/2021

Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Japanese クラブリーダーシップハンドブック: 効果的なリーダーシップのための手引き (ja-JP1310)



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