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2020-2021 Speech Contest Rulebook (Arabic)

The Speech Contest Rulebook, in effect from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, features speech contest rules for the International, Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics, Tall Tales, and Video Speech Contests.

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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Arabic

Club Leadership Handbook (Arabic)

An easy-to-use guide with chapters detailing club governance, leadership roles, etc.

This version updated 2/2020

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Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan - Arabic

Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (Arabic)

A manual which explains the Distinguished Club Program, provides guidelines for club success, and the "how-to" in becoming a Distinguished Club.

This version updated 3/2020

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Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail German

Handbuch für Clubführung (DE1310)

Eine einfach zu nutzende Anleitung mit Kapiteln zu Clubführung, Vorstandsrollen etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Portuguese

Manual de Liderança do Clube (PT1310)

Um guia fácil de usar com capítulos detalhando a governança do clube, cargos de liderança, etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Spanish

Manual de Liderazgo del Club (SP1310)

Una guía fácil de usar con capítulos que detallan la administración del club, los roles de liderazgo, etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail French

Manuel du Leadership de Club (FR1310)

Un guide convivial avec chapitres détaillant la gouvernance du club, les rôles de leadership, etc.


Club Leadership Handbook thumbnail Japanese

クラブリーダーシップハンドブック: 効果的なリーダーシップのための手引き (JP1310)



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