Navigating Pathways Flier Navigating Pathways Flier (English)

To help you promote the Pathways learning experience to prospective members and clubs, make sure you use the new Pathways flier.

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New Member Profile Sheet (English)

Have each new member fill out an interview form to determine their goals and how to meet them.

This version updated 3/2021
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Paths and Core Competencies (English)

Learn about the five core competencies used to develop Pathways.

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Pathways Level Completion Verification (English)

Fill out this form to verify that you have completed a level on your path.

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Pathways Mentor Program Completion Form

Fill out this form to receive credit for completing the Pathways Mentor Program.

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Printing a Project and Resources This reference guide outlines the process for printing Pathways projects and resources. Use this process to create hard copies of your projects and resources found on Base Camp.

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The Benefits of Toastmasters Membership (Digital) The Benefits of Toastmasters Membership

This one-page document outlines the numerous benefits enjoyed by Toastmasters members. Print this helpful resource and use it to help recruit friends, family and members of your community to join your club. Available in A4 and letter size.

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Confidence. The voice of leadership (digital) Your Path to Leadership

This full-color brochure is an essential marketing material for clubs. It explains how Toastmasters helps improve leadership skills, the benefits of being a member, and outlines the Pathways learning experience.

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