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April 2024
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Quotes by Dr. Ralph C. Smedley

“While most of us may have entered Toastmasters to learn to make speeches, that benefit is but the beginning of the good which may come to us and the good which we may do for mankind.”

“We learn best in moments of enjoyment.”

“Understanding comes through communication, and through communication we find the way to peace.”

“The past prepares us to meet the challenges of the future.”

“Toastmasters is based on belief in the individual. … Many organizations ask the individual to subordinate himself to the group. Ours is the only organization I know that is dedicated to the individual.”

“The first result of speech training is self-discovery.”

“Your Toastmasters club is your laboratory in which to try experiments in better communication.”

“Learning to give a speech is important, but almost equally so is learning to listen critically, analytically, and then to give the speaker the benefit.”


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