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April 2024
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More Improv Games for Toastmasters

Accepting the Offer.
Decide on a topic. Whatever your partner says, you accept by saying "Yes, and…" before appending your own idea. To which they respond "Yes, and…" See how well you develop an idea, story, or concept. (The alternative is to have the same conversation, but each response begins with "Yes, BUT…" Notice the difference when one's offer is blocked instead of accepted.)

The Collective Story.
Each participant contributes a sentence to a story. Listen carefully to build on what’s previously been established as a team. Here are several themes for your collective story during Table Topics: “Once upon a time our club decided to circle the globe …” “Our club decided to change its location …” “If Toastmasters ruled the world …”

Conversation From A to Z.
Pairs of people converse on a topic, alternating sentences. The first person's sentence begins with A. Their partner's sentence begins with B. The originator's next sentence begins with C. Try to get to Z!

Conversation Within the Conversation.
Two people engage in a conversation. Two other people, standing behind the people in conversation, represent what each person is thinking. They verbalize the fears and dreams of the conversational partners, for all to hear.

Instead of responding to a Table Topic in your usual language, respond entirely in Gibberish—a nonsensical language. Emphasize vocal variety, facial expressions, and gestures to get your point across.

When you focus on helping your partner look good, and when they do likewise, everyone shines.

New Choice.
Begin to tell a story. At some point, your partner or leader will say "new choice" and whatever you just said, you must now change before continuing the story. For example, if you were describing a vacation to Alaska, when you hear "new choice" you must alter the location to a new place. Each time "new choice" is called out, whatever you just said (person, place, thing, action, feeling, etc.) must be changed, and then you continue the story with a new variable inserted.

Physical Offer-and-Accept Game.
Form a circle. One person leaps into the circle and strikes a pose. Immediately, another player jumps in to join them, and strikes a pose that complements the first player's pose. The first player says, "Thank you" and rejoins the circle, leaving the second player holding their pose. Immediately, another player opts in, striking a new complementary pose. Continue until all players have joined.

Tell a Story … One Word at a Time.
Pairs of people attempt to tell a story one word at a time. Try to set your partner up, not stymie them.

The Gift.
Pairs of people present each other invisible gifts. As the recipient opens his or hers, the recipient (not the gift-giver) declares what was received. Gifts can be tangible, esoteric, symbolic, or silly.

—Compiled by Craig Harrison, DTM


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