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March 2024
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Toastmaster Snapshot Championship

By Staff

Final Bracket with Toastmaster Snapshot photos winner

March Madness is an annual single-elimination college basketball tournament in the United States, and the Toastmaster magazine is taking part by hosting a competition of its own! The Snapshot section of the magazine was introduced in 2012 to highlight the diversity and creativity of clubs around the world through pictures, and now we’re looking back at some of our favorites.

Thank you to everyone who voted on Toastmasters' Instagram stories. We have a winner! Congratulations to Arbutus Toastmasters Club, the Toastmaster Magazine Snapshot Champions!

Editor’s Note: The clubs and members pictured in the Snapshot Championship were active at the time the image was published. Please note that club and membership changes may have occurred since these photos were taken.


Members of the Manchester Business School Alumni Toastmasters in Hong Kong don their beach gear, including sunglasses, swim wings, and floaties, during a “beach party” themed meeting. To enhance the theme, speakers stood in front of a beach view (shown on a projector) while the sounds of ocean waves and bird calls played in the background.Toastmaster Carl Walsh, (right, front), along with members of the A.C.T.S. club in Pasadena, California, gather in his back yard to watch the 2012 World Championship of Public Speaking finals streamed live from the Toastmasters International Convention in Orlando, Florida. In September 2020, Qatar Toastmasters Club in Doha, Qatar, hosted its first hybrid meeting, abiding by government regulations. A few members attended in person and wore masks, while others participated virtually.To mark the club’s third anniversary, KEF Toastmasters hopped atop a double-decker bus in Nvoember 2013. Their families and members of the KEF Gavel Club joined in on the celebration. Toastmaster of the Day Jyothikumar Chandran led the meeting as the bus toured local landmarks in Doha, Qatar.Members of the Arbutus Toastmasters club in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada, gathered at dawn—when the tide on Parksville Beach was at its lowest—to draw the Toastmasters logo in the sand.Ten Toastmasters left the comfort of their homes in Hong Kong to make camp in the Errera Channel on Danco Island, Antarctica. They all hail from different clubs in District 89 and had unanimously decided the vacation destination. After the 18-day Antarctica tour, some members stayed behind to tour South America for two months, even visiting the only English-speaking Toastmasters club in Argentina. The four members pictured had just shoveled snow to make a bed for the night despite frigid temperatures. Pictured from left to right: Karen Chow of Victoria Toastmasters, Manfred Leung of Wayfoong Toastmasters, Susan Lau of Mandarin Toastmasters Club of Hong Kong and Esther Lee from Hong Kong Achievers club. Members of Saugeen Toastmasters in Hanover, Ontario, Canada, hold their first summer meeting at Mildmay Rotary Park in Mildmay, Ontario. A history of either the park or the town becomes part of the program.In April, members in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, celebrated the Dauphin Club’s 10-year anniversary by hiking seven kilometers to the Ranch Le Montcel hotel in Kenscoff. To commemorate the decade-long status, the club is planning monthly club activities for the remainder of the year. Members of Etihad Airways Toastmasters club of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, celebrate Toastmasters’ 90th anniversary with an 1930s theme. Attendees wore 1930s traditional attire for their respective countries, including Arabia, India, Philippines, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Nigeria, and Australia. Members of the Tlaquepaque Club in Tlaquepaque, Mexico, celebrate Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) dressed in full costume. The club was invited by local authorities to give speeches while walking around the town center in Tlaquepaque; they concluded with seven speeches at the cemetery.Members and guests of Highway Toastmasters club in Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, celebrate the organization’s 90th anniversary. Photo credit: Alison Lilly.Members of Tainan Toastmasters club promoted District 67 at the Lunar New Year Festival in Tainan, Taiwan. The group, dressed as characters from the 2009 film Avatar, carried copies of the Toastmaster magazine, as well as the QR-code for their district’s Facebook page.From rear to front: Toastmasters Mary Wallace, Sandy Robb, and Phyrne Parker, DTM, of Toronto, Canada, suit up with members of their walking club to take the 150-meter EdgeWalk trek around the roof of the CN Tower in Toronto, the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. Toastmasters Szczecin of Szczecin, Poland, pause during a meeting to take a photo from a new perspective. Club members say they are proud of all they’ve accomplished in the past year and look forward to the new opportunities to come!Members of PestBeszéd Toastmasters of Budapest, Hungary, create a “Tetris Challenge” photo. The grid format, a nod to the 1980s video puzzle Tetris, was adopted by emergency service professionals to visually organize the equipment they use on jobs. The Tetris Challenge is now a photo trend among global emergency units. This club created its own Tetris image, placing people and meeting props in logical order.Members of Gamuda Toastmasters of Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia, dress up as site engineers and construction workers in honor of their meeting theme: “Uniformity in Diversity.” The joint meeting was held with clubs from District 102, Division D (Selangor, Pahang, and Terengganu). Many members of Gamuda Toastmasters—a corporate club—work in the construction and engineering fields Gamuda specializes in.


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