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The Official Toastmasters International Members Group on Facebook is always filled with conversations started by and for members. Amy Russo, President of Downtown Speechmakers in San Jose, California, asked members this question:


““What is a tiny concrete tip you like to give to help new public speakers?””


Don’t apologize if you make a mistake. Often the audience doesn’t realize you made one, so don’t bring attention to it by apologizing.

Ann Guintivano, DTM

Carson, California


The best weapon at your disposal is pause. Use it accordingly.

Vicky McCarthy, DTM

Tralee, Ireland


Tell stories from your own past … don’t try to memorize facts to recite.

Barry Doctor, DTM

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


Everybody gets nervous. It’s how you work through it that makes or breaks a great speaker.

David Doerrier

Alpharetta, Georgia


Stop worrying about yourself (how you look, sound, perform), and put all your energy into what the audience is hearing, seeing, and experiencing.

Kristin Nickells

Parksville, British Columbia, Canada


Take the plunge and enjoy the ride. Good or bad, the mere fact that you carry the courage to come up and give a speech is enough to make you feel proud of yourself.

Jyotiprakash Sundaray

Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Perfectionism does not exist in public speaking.

Marlene Wolf Smith

Boca Raton, Florida


Start speaking. If you keep putting it off, it’s harder to start.

Megan Loiaconi Hurley

San Diego, California

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