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March 2024
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Member Recognition

Showcasing members, mentors, and clubs

Corren Thomas, DTM

Kingston, Jamaica


The Toastmasters Encyclopedia

Many have called Corren Thomas, DTM, of Dynamic Speakers Club in Kingston, Jamaica, the “Toastmasters Encyclopedia” due to her history as a Toastmaster and knowledge of the rules and regulations. In 2005, she joined the organization as a charter member of the UCC Toastmasters Club in Kingston, and has since held multiple club officer and District leadership roles. Thomas even served as Club President for two clubs at the same time.

Currently, she’s serving as a mentor to eight members, including Conrad Miller of Dynamic Speakers. Miller says having Thomas as his mentor is “a little like having Usain Bolt for a trainer. No matter how patient he is with you, you are guaranteed to have a few moments where you are both motivated and a little intimidated by his raw awesomeness.” The first time Miller told a fellow Toastmaster that Thomas would be his mentor, they said he was lucky, but also told him to be prepared because she had so much knowledge to share and uses “tough love.” Miller says, “She is arguably the most caring, motivational, understanding, supportive, empathetic mentor that can be found.” After just one phone call with Thomas, Miller knew he wanted to join her club because of her eloquence, articulation, and overall interest in his well-being.




Nelson and Shalini Menezes, DTM

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Mentoring Together

Nelson Menezes, DTM, joined Toastmasters in 2007, and a year later, his wife, Shalini Menezes, DTM, joined him. The two are members of several clubs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and have served as mentors to one another over the years. Both have held leadership roles, but Shalini encouraged Nelson to take larger steps toward the Area and Division levels. She says, “We were both mentoring each other to chisel the best versions of ourselves for ourselves, and it was truly magical to see ourselves unfurl with newfound skills and accomplish the title of Distinguished Toastmaster.”

In 2020–2021, Nelson served as District Director for District 105 (Oman, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon). This accomplishment was a source of great pride for both Nelson and Shalini. They looked back on how far they had come in Toastmasters, and Shalini was reminded that they can only give what they have and work hard to become better leaders and speakers. She is proud that they may have become better human beings along their Toastmasters journey as well. Shalini says they will continue to mentor one another “as life is a beautiful journey, and learning and loving never ends.”

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