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April 2024
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Tips for Attending an Online Convention

By Renée Covino


Attending a virtual convention means an alluring location has been replaced by a very comfortable one: your own home sweet home.

However, you can still feel the excitement and transport yourself to an amazing experience, just as you would in person. Here are six ways to focus on getting the most from the Toastmasters International 2021 Virtual Convention:

1Practice the Platform.

The online platform will likely be new to you. Take time before the meeting to check out the convention site and familiarize yourself with its features and tabs.

2Plan Ahead.

Plan your attendance just as you would for an in-person event. Decide which sessions you want to attend and whether they are live or available to view at any time. Use a time zone converter and add local times to your viewing schedule before the convention begins.

3Be in the Moment.

This is your time to learn, have fun, and fully engage in the convention experience. When attending, put your phone on silent mode or shut it off. Mark yourself out on your work calendar and do not check email.

4See the Big Picture.

To truly feel like “you are there,” watch all events on the largest screen you have available. Take notes on a separate device—a laptop, a tablet, or even a pad of paper.

5Connect Everywhere.

Take advantage of the virtual connection/networking events. Sign up to meet/hear speakers live. Join online breakout sessions and happy hours. Enter contests; respond to attendee polls. Great networking is still possible, even at a distance.

6Take Breaks.

For avid attendees, convention usually means long days. Stretch or take a short walk during meeting breaks or as needed. You can also take advantage of recorded sessions and watch at your convenience.

The 2021 Virtual Convention will feature all the usual event favorites, and much more. But there’s no bag to pack, no comfortable shoes needed. Just find a cozy spot and soak in a world of learning and camaraderie.

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