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April 2024
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Answers to Your Pathways Questions

As members continue to work in Toastmasters’ new education program, World Headquarters staff will provide answers to common questions that arise. Here is one.

Q:Where do I find the evaluation materials in the Pathways learning experience?

A:Evaluation resources for every project can be found on the Speech Evaluations page in Base Camp. Select the Speech Evaluations button on your homepage and it will take you directly there. Evaluation resources for your projects will always be available on the page titled Your Evaluation. You can access this page by first launching the project you are working on and either using the right arrow to move through each page of the project or the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the page titled Select to Move to Another Section.

Evaluation resources are available for different kinds of projects. You will need to download these PDF documents in order to either print or modify them.

Learn more information about the Pathways learning experience.

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