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June 2024
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June 14 is the last day for District Directors to place District supply orders for the 2023-2024 term.

Translations Expand the Education Program

By Paul Sterman

May marks a milestone in the life of Pathways, the innovative and expansive learning experience launched by Toastmasters a little more than a year ago. The program has been rolled out in phases, being unveiled in regions around the world. This month is the final stage in that rollout, with Pathways arriving in the last two regions: 8 and 9. (The learning experience will also be released in all undistricted and online clubs this month.)

One of Pathways’ greatest attractions is the availability of translated educational materials. All materials in the new program have been translated into Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Members across the globe have been thrilled to read content in their native languages.

Members around the world volunteered their time and effort to serve on translation-review teams, to ensure that all Pathways translations were accurate and authentic to the local culture. The teams reviewed the professional translations, helped develop Pathways glossaries and made sure the materials are true to the Toastmasters experience.

Team members say they have been gratified by the extensive undertaking.

“I enjoyed working on a huge project that will shape the future of this worldwide organization and a place we think of as home,” says Jack Luo, a member of the Simplified Chinese translation-review team.

Toastmasters International’s translation efforts represent a breakthrough achievement in the organization’s 94-year history—as does Pathways itself.

Latest Languages

When the new education program launched in regions 4 and 13 in April, Pathways materials in Traditional Chinese and in Japanese became available to members there. Thank you to members of:

The Traditional Chinese Translation Review Team

Chief Reviewer Grace Shih, lead reviewers Jeffrey Huang and Solomon Chen, and reviewers Mike Yang, Sigrid Chen, Jorie Wu, Bright Huang, Janice Cheung, Eric Liang, Teresa Chang, Fu-Mei Chen, Fiona Tseng, Haishuo Lee and Howard (Te-Hao) Chien.

The Japanese Translation Review Team

Chief Reviewer Bunzo Suzuki, lead reviewers Shin Ohinata and Sachiko Morikawa, reviewers Shigeto Negi, Harumi Ueda, Yumiko Otsuka, Yukiko Nakashima, Maki Kai, Daijiro Shinohara, Hirohiko Kashiwagi, Yuka Aihara, Akihiro Ando, Noriko Nishida, Hiroyo Kitamura, Masako Hino, Michiko Hirabayashi, and past reviewers Keiko Miyake, Midori Hirota, Hiroyasu Tanabe, Masako Saneshige, Shoji Kumagi, Rie Ishida, Kyoko Kawano and Futana Sumiko.

Visit the Translations webpage to learn more about the team members. For more information, please email the Translation Team at World Headquarters.


If you have questions about the new education program, or want to learn more about its background, visit the Pathways webpage. It has a wealth of information and resources, including videos, a look at Base Camp (the program’s learning management system) and an extensive FAQ section.

There are also sections about education awards in Pathways and the crucial role that member volunteers have played in the development and launch of the learning experience.

“How Pathways Began” is a series of short videos about the program: why it was created, how it was developed and why it is valuable to you. In addition, the Testimonials page features a video of District 33 members talking about their Pathways experience).


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