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Sustaining Our Organization

Lark Doley

We, the members, are the cornerstone of success for our organization. We, the members, are at the apex of our organizational structure. The next level in the Toastmasters organizational chart is the club and then the area, division and district. Districts within a specific geographic area form a region, and our 14 regions around the world make up our international organization.

To operate each of these entities (clubs, areas, divisions, districts, regions and international), our members hold leadership positions. Each club has seven officer roles and each district has six. These district leaders form teams within their positions to accomplish their goals. Region advisors support the districts in their regions.

The strategic direction of our international organization is determined by a Board of Directors comprising 20 members, which consists of six executive committee members and an international director from each of our 14 regions. And, to support this global organization, we have a World Headquarters staff of approximately 150 people in Englewood, Colorado. This is our global organization.

“You have shown me that we can achieve our mission if each member receives a quality club experience that helps them reach their goals.”

We are member-driven and leadership-sustained. What does this mean? We have more than 360,000 members worldwide with around 115,000 of these members filling leadership roles. These leaders are elected and appointed to achieve our organization’s mission. We should hold one another accountable for fulfilling the club, district and international missions.

I have the privilege of meeting leaders from around the world at all levels of our organization. You have shown me that we can achieve our mission if each member receives a quality club experience that helps them reach their goals.

We are responsible for the success of every member, club, area, division, district and region—for the success of our global organization. World Headquarters is here to support us, but it is up to us to guarantee that every member receives the full value of their membership payments through quality clubs and our new education program, the Pathways learning experience.

What will we personally do to achieve our goals in Toastmasters? What will we personally do to support our clubs, areas, divisions, districts, regions and OUR international organization in achieving our mission?

The success and sustainability of our organization is up to us! Are we up to the challenge? I believe that we are. I know we are!


International President